Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking Back Monday

I came across a sentence today that read, "Every annoying person is just someone who is frustrated and crying out for compassion."  Really stepped on my toes. Where I work, we have what we call "Full Moon Days". On those days it seems like an unusual number of folks with unusual behavior come through the door. The kind like Arsenio Hall used to say, "make you want to go 'hmmmmm'.

It's hard to remember to look beyond the surface for hurting, frustrated people. Let's let today be a day that we think of what is making Monday difficult for others, and try and turn it around.

Your thoughts?


  1. My husband always says: Hurt people hurt people. Think about it. When someone has been hurt they tend to hurt others many times unknowingly. We need to be aware of this in our lives as well as others.

  2. Ouch! Thanks for reminding me, Jody.I need to remind myself to love the unloveable,if for no other reason that HE loves them.