Monday, April 2, 2012

Taking Back Monday

Be blessed by this quote from a friend. Diana Dawson Hall is an exhorter. Her thoughts are  the perfect way to take back Monday!

"I awakened this day: in a comfy bed, with cool air, got out of bed unassisted, lit the room with a flick of a switch, walked to a warm shower with all conveniences, drank fresh water, used clean towels, dressed in nicely ironed clothing, reached for a Bible close at hand, and freely read it all with a beautiful roof over my head and four walls of protection. I am blessed and have so much to be thankful for."

When Monday winds down, come post the best part of your day:0)


  1. I just read a blog on Africa and the pics he posted of the hovels and filth. Such a contrast with this post!

    1. We are so blessed...and take it for granted.

  2. The best part of my day would be getting up on my own two feet and just being able to be mobile again. God really touched my heart with this accident I had.When I think of how I took being able to do daily chores unaided for granted,my heart is flooded with gratitude.Every day in some form or other, I am reminded and thankful.Being able to hug my grandchildren and just cooking a meal unaided, what a blessing.Best of all, God showed me that there is a hope for a better day,but be thankful and grateful for the day we are in now, regardless of our circumstances.