Monday, April 9, 2012

ACK Already...

Taking Back Monday...

Mornin':) I love my job and I'm so grateful for it. But sometimes there are things that I just don't want to do. You know, that dreaded thing you hate that hangs over your head? So I'm writing this while I have a full cart of books to go put up. I stalled by googling "when you really don't want to do something." Got a lot of pscho mumbo jumbo.

So here's my take:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Think about how you'll feel when it's over.
  • Go do it.
  • Done.

Gonna go see if that works, be right back.....

Oh, hi! Ahh, feels great.

Yep, done. Here's another point.

  • The time I spent thinking about it was worse than actually doing the thing.
How do you deal with those things you don't like to do?


  1. I make a list of the things I have put off doing. Then I ask God to give me what I need to do them (usually a good swift kick to the backside) and then, starting with the least of them, I get going. The more I accomplish, the more my attitude changes, so by the time I get to the big stuff, I am ready to tackle it instead of putting it to the back burner, again.

    I also try to remember to thank God about the task been putting off.

  2. Alisa, good advice. I've been a long time lover of Baby steps!