Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Soften The Faces Upon Whom You Look

Next phrase of the poem is a nod to my Mary Kay business. I don't do very much anymore, but I try to stay active. I still think it's the best home business ever. A double meaning is just to try and be an encouragement and comfort to those around me. 

Here's a link to my Mary Kay Facebook page, where I post specials, etc. Happy Day Mary Kay

She doesn't hear from me much, but I love my director, Kim Campbell Holtzclaw.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spin Pretty Yarns next part of my goal poem is "Spin pretty yarns with pen and with hook." Spinning yarns is another way to say "tell a story". This is an encouragement for me to write every day, thus the pen. 
I'm currently finishing a total rewrite of the sequel to my debut novel, Washout Express:
Pattern: Sandy's Cape Cod Originals

I love to crochet and try to donate to several charities. A little time with yarn every day keeps my projects going and is a good time for relaxing. "Two peas in a pod" cocoon is my current project for my daughter who is expecting twins.