Saturday, December 1, 2018

Mistletoe Mix-up Launch Day!
Today's the day! It's always exciting for an author when one of her book babies is born. Introducing Mistletoe Mix-up!

Evan Edwards faces another lonely Christmas in the dorm. His mom is off on her fourth, or maybe it's fifth, honeymoon. A rain soaked ad promises free room and board in exchange for holiday decorating. He jumps at the chance to spend Christmas in a cozy home. The owners won't be there until Christmas Day, so he'll be able to practice piano for his graduation recital. He heads for Candle, Texas.

Across the street in Candle, Rise' Larkin is home from college with some bad news for her dad. As their friendship grows, Evan discovers that he's been living in and decorating...

THE WRONG HOUSE! Will this Mistletoe Mix-up ruin everything?

This little book is a definite cozy, quick Christmas read, but nestled in the lights and ornaments is a message - God's unwavering and unconditional love. Evan is searching for this, but will his past disappointments keep him from finding it?

Here's an early review: A senior music major and a brilliant pianist, Evan has a problem: His mother has just begun her fourth or fifth marriage (he can’t remember), and that means he must spend Christmas holidays in the dormitory. But a professor tells him of a bulletin board ad for a house sitter over the holidays. Evan finds the ad, calls the owner, and quickly lands the job. They won’t meet, but the owner gives him a way into the house and instructions he will find inside. Evan goes, but the house he finds is not the mansion he expected.

            Risé, home for the holidays in the house next door, has two problems. She has just broken up with a man who becomes violent when angry, and she worries about her father, recently widowed, who has a medical problem. She also dreads having to tell him a secret that he won’t like.
            With the meeting of Evan and Risé as a base, Jody Bailey Day builds a complex fictional world in which nothing is what it seems. The more the two characters try to solve what should be simple problems, the more mixed up their problems become. These and other likable characters become more and more confused, but the author flawlessly weaves their mistakes and misperceptions into an increasingly complex narrative.  The suspense and tension increase until the author brings everything together in a satisfying resolution.
            This is a delightful Christmas novella that will leave the reader wishing for more. D. T.

 I hope you'll make some time for a little inspirational Christmas reading, and include Mistletoe Mix-up in your list. 



Monday, November 5, 2018

Express Duet Sale

Just FYI, if you haven't read Washout Express, and Wedding Express, you can get them both for  99 cents.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Guest Zoe McCarthy

Hello everyone:) Please welcome Zoe McCarthy to the blog today. I've been following her amazing blog for years, and I'm exited to have her here today to talk about her new book.

What inspired you to write The Putting Green Whisperer?

John and I joined my sister and my brother-in-law at a PGA seniors golf tournament at Rock Barn Country Club and Spa in Conover, NC. My sister and I sat on the fifteenth green and watched the over-age-fifty golfers putt and move on to the next tee. In one group, a male and a female caddy stood side by side on the edge of the green with their backs to us. The two young caddies talked quietly while their players prepared to putt. He was tall, and she was petite with her blond ponytail protruding from her pink ball cap. My heart experienced a sappy moment, and romantic what-ifs cluttered my mind. I turned to my sister, pointed at the caddies, and said, “My next book will be about those two caddies.” 

Tell us about one of your main characters.

As a teen, Allie Masterson experienced two tragedies. Her mother died and her pro-golfer father, in his inability to handle his grief and guilt, pawned her off to her aunt. Allie has stockpiled defenses around her to prevent opening old wounds or incurring new injuries. She immerses herself in golf, something she’s good at and something that doesn’t let her down. Allie is watchful of others’ motives and relies on herself. But all this changes when she and fellow caddy Shoo Leonard become best friends, a relationship she wishes was something more.

What is the theme of The Putting Green Whisperer?

A young woman wounded emotionaly as a teen learns to let down her ineffective defenses and allow God to direct her on a better and easier path.

Who are some of your favorite authors and why do you enjoy their books?

I enjoy Jenny B. Jones books. I can no longer read her books in bed next to sleeping John, who doesn’t appreciate when I laugh out loud. I like books by Francine Rivers, especially her Mark of the Lion series. I like Eva Marie Everson’s humor in her romances. Suzanne Woods Fisher writes in multiple genres, and I enjoy them all, especially her Amish books that make me sometimes wish for a simpler life.

What are you working on now?

I'm well into completing Book 2, The Identical Woman in a Black Dress, of the Twisty Creek series for which The Invisible Woman in a Red Dress is Book 1. Both stories take place in Twisty Creek, a fictional spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Also, I'm working on a novella for a 2019 Valentine Day's collection, which will host five authors’ Valentine’s Day romance stories.

For my nonfiction book, Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript in 30 Days, is coming out soon, and I’m preparing to promote that book.

Book blurb for the Christian Contemporary Romance

Suddenly unemployed, Allie Masterson returns home to Cary, North Carolina where she caddies for the father on the PGA Seniors Tour. There, she encounters a man who possesses an alluring gift of reading the contours of the green. Fascinated with his uncanny ability, Allie is excited to meet the Green Whisperer—until she discovers that the easygoing caddy is actually Shoo Leonard, the boy who teased her relentlessly when they were kids. Despite Allie's reservations, when Shoo is faced with having to overcome a hand injury, she agrees to use her sport science degree to become his trainer...and then she falls for him.

Shoo Leonard is grateful to Allie for her singular determination to get him ready for the PGA tour, but he isn't ready for anything more. Still raw from a broken engagement and focused on his career, he's content to be her fist-bumping buddy...but then he falls for her.

What seems like a happily-ever-after on the horizon takes a turn when Allie decides she's become a distraction to Shoo's career. Is it time for her to step away or can The Putting Green Whisperer find the right words to make her stay? 


What was that all about? Shoo stared at the retreating caddy, whose blonde ponytail protruding from the back of her golf cap danced wildly as she hurried off. He craned his neck to keep her in sight as she wove through the caddies on the cart path.
Approaching him, she’d seemed like a girl on a mission. Her striking blue eyes, bright against her tanned skin, had focused on him, as if she’d rediscovered an old friend. No doubt about it, her smile had beamed at him. Then, bam! She’d done an about-face and slammed into the check-in table.
But he didn’t know her. Did he?
He mentally scanned his female acquaintances. No match surfaced. Unlikely he’d have forgotten the petite blonde.

Short bio

A full-time writer and speaker, Zoe M. McCarthy writes contemporary Christian romances involving tenderness and humor. She is the author of The Invisible Woman in a Red Dress, Gift of the Magpie, and Calculated Risk. Believing opposites distract, Zoe creates heroes and heroines who learn to embrace their differences. Zoe and her husband live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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Thanks so much, Zoe, for coming by the blog today. You have a lot going on, and I'm excited for you. Looking forward to reading The Putting Green Whisperer! Jody