Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Contest Tuesday

 This week's contest: Finish this sentence: "If I had a million dollars I would...." in 25 words or less. I'm writing a story where a woman inherits millions. Looking for some brainstorming ideas. Winner gets a prize (but it won't be a million dollars).

 And the winner for last week is Amanda! Girl, I've got a prize for you.
C'mon baby let's show them how we do it. *shake your groove thing shake your groove thing yeah yeah*


  1. I would buy 20,000 $50 gas cards and hand them out to random people in public.

  2. Quit my job, buy a place in the country to house troubled teens, teaching them about love and life skills.

    1. Beautiful. May your dreams come true:)

    2. I used to be a foster parent to teens. There are times I miss it so much.