Sunday, May 20, 2012


1966...Fifth Grade
Happiness Is....

I don't remember anything between the title and the last line that went

"and at school work, doing your best."

     I got to get out of class and go to the Principal's office to print my poem on
a large piece of poster board. It was placed in the display case at the entrance to the school.
     My Fifth Grade heart was a little overwhelmed with the feeling that I had done something important, that I had made a difference somehow. It felt right.
So I scribbled along through the years, writing poems and diaries to my heart's content. "I'm going to be a writer someday."

Someone looked over their glasses at me once and said, "You are a writer when you are PUBLISHED, until then, you just write." Whoosh, I flushed the dream. I went to college for my other passion, Music, but always writing, scribbling, dreaming. I married and the two of us wrote six living epistles:

I took this picture with a bun in the oven....

During these years I wrote homeschool curriculum for myself,  Vacation Bible School curriculum, reported club events to the newspaper, and wrote articles for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) newsletters. I wrote a book.  My Bible said to me, "As a man thinks in his heart, SO IS HE." I realized what I knew deep down, but have never said aloud until today.

So... I look over my glasses and I say to myself and the WORLD...


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    1. Heh, hehee...this is not youngish, or crazy like the contest asked, but it's me.

  2. Jody, that is too cute!Loved it, and yes, it is too young and fun!