Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesdays are always quiet at our library. Funny, can't figure that one out. Hump Day slump I guess. At closing time, there are soft clouds shielding the west windows from the sun. There are the usual patrons who don't think we staff have a life and so we have to run them out. We all have supper to fix. Before I put on my librarian face and request that they leave, I sit here and reflect on the day.

Our Director's brother had a stroke today. We are praying for him and for the family as they minister to him.  Each of us has some kind or another of drama going on. There's also a stomach bug going around. It is nice to have the support and friendship that we share here. Even though from different "flavors", we share faith as well.

I love the way these women count their blessings. They may have troubles, but they can also be heard expressing gratitude.

The sun is completely covered now, and the silver lining around the clouds pictures the close of this day. We go home to family and friends, held in the palm of the Father's hand. A beautiful day by any account.

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