Thursday, October 6, 2011

It is Finished - 4

Those Were the Days

Jessica and Armando Ontiveros

Natalie and Sarah
Now?  Now Randy and I very much enjoy that our position of authority has morphed into a position of influence on our adult children.  Now we benefit from the hard choices we made early on.  Our children all serve the Lord, their churches, and their communities.  It is a blessing to see them make choices that reflect the values that we poured into them.  Have they always made the right choices?  No, certainly not, but to watch them fall upon the foundation of their faith when faced with troubles, whether external or self-imposed, is a great comfort and joy to a parent.  The spouses that they have brought into our family are awesome, godly people.

Rachel, Anna, Elijah, Wayne, and Noah Nix

       Grandchildren!  What a reward.  Could there be higher compliment that my daughters are homeschooling their own children?   I hope that the joys are multiplied and that the struggles are lessened.
Micah and Liliana Ontiveros

Micah Stegasaurus

Elijah Nix Kinder Graduation

Natalie, Sarah, Emily, Nathan, and Jessica at Paisano Baptist Encampment

Noah Benjamin Levi Nix

Jeffrey and Emily Brantley

Natalie, Sarah, Emily, Randy, Jessica and Armando, Me, Nathan, Elijah, Wayne, Rachel

Princess Anna Nix

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