Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big and Small

Sometimes my commitment to look at things through HIS love colored glasses gets tested. For example, this morning when I sat down to another empty roll of tissue, I could gripe that I'm always the one to change it, or I can look at it as a small, silent way to show love to my family by changing it, even putting a folded corner on the edge.

Love is needed in a big way today as we cast our vote for President. The results will test us or exult us, but either way we need to shoe His Love.

How do you show love to your family in the small ways?


  1. My mom and adult son live with me. Mom is 78 and she works cooking breakfast and cleaning for a couple in their 90's. She gets off work there and then cooks lunch for our neighbor in her 90's. I cook up soups, meatloaf, and main dishes ahead of time so she can come home and not have to cook another meal. When she works helping out with the families on Saturdays, I fill her birdbaths and feeders so she does not have to come home and do it.

    My son also gets to enjoy the benefits of an already cooked main dish as a meal at home or one to take for lunch.

    The laundry room is next to my bedroom and bathroom so I often throw a load of their laundry in the dryer.

    I guess the important thing is not what you do, but that you do something!!!

    1. What kind things you do. I think after all your mom's cooking for others, coming home to a meal is the greatest blessing. God Bless You!

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