Monday, February 27, 2012

God isn't Moving....He's LOVING!  Guest Post by LaToya Brown 

I use to think that God would only be pleased with me if  I was doing something for him. After all, heaven must be waiting on me to cause to move before anything happens. That thinking was so far from what God wanted me to know. He didn't send Jesus to make us work for his love and grace. He sent Jesus to break us for religious tradition and to embrace his amazing grace. I wish I could tell you that I changed my thinking after this revelation, but I didn't. Breaking free from a works mentality was more difficult than I thought.

You're probably guilty too. Guilty of fasting, praying, witnessing and reading the Bible to move God. When we want something from Him we usually change up our routine to get his attention. When in reality, we already have his attention and nothing we do will move him. While those things are not bad in and of themselves. They are just not a magical potion to cause God to move on our behalf. He is not controlled by our actions. Is he honored by them? I'm almost sure of that. He loves it when his children have a heart to please him. Any parent would.  Just like any parent is proud of a behaving child, they are undoubtedly more honored when a child desires to be in their presence more than in their favor, that should make you shout!

It's not our love for God that moves's his love for US that compels him to move on our behalf. Jesus came to demonstrate God's love for us. How much does he love you? He stretched out his arms to show you. Everything God will ever do for you was done at the cross. Jesus is SITTING at the right hand of the father. Yep, sitting. Jesus is sitting down because he has already done everything for you. All your sins are forgiven into eternity. All your dreams and prayers are answered in all eternity. Just believe and receive...believe and receive...believe and receive.

There are times in our lives when you must push past the struggle and know that God hasn't only called you to minister to those around you, but that God has called you unto himself. That means he wants to be with you more than he desires to have you doing so much for him that you never spend time with him. I challenge you to believe that he loves you and receive his love for you and all it's meaning.

Prayer: Lord, I've tried to do all the right things so that you would be pleased. I am guilty of trying to impress you with all my works.  Lord, help me receive the love you have for me today and to be aware of your presence around me. I lay down all my tools, tricks and trades to be loved by you..infinitely in Jesus Name..

Jody here:
I met this precious lady at the East Texas Christian Writer's Conference. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she does wonderful work in the Kingdom. Thanks, LaToya, for letting me share your post today.

Here's a link to LaToya's blog:  LaToya Brown Speaks

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