Thursday, February 2, 2012

 Give me your eyes for just one second...

Completely undone. I work with the public, which can be a challenge as many of you know, but I try to be cheerful, helpful and professional. 

This morning I've been accused of being rude. Always rude, as a matter of fact. So instead of crying on my keyboard, I'm going to analyze this. 

Smile? Check. Helpful? Check, went out of my way in fact. So what the heck? This individual's rant bordered on irate. I am totally confused. My boss and coworkers know it's not so but nevertheless, I'm bothered.

Taking a deep breath and whispering a prayer, I'm determined to look at this through love-colored glasses. I've prayed for the Father to give me his eyes in dealing with people, but maybe I need His eyes to look at myself honestly. I purpose to do that with each transaction from now on. 

I know that people come in this place with a world of hurt and troubles that I know nothing about. I never want to contribute to that. If anything, I'd like to make it better. That's the goal anyway, I don't always feel that way inside. Sometimes, I am downright rude in my thinking and perhaps it shows on the outside.  The consensus around here is that I was not rude, but the very next time I see that individual, I am going to apologize.

Do you have problems and/or solutions for working with the public?


  1. Jody, it is very hard for me to imagine you being rude in any way, but I understand and applaud your effort to search your heart. I have learned from being a mom and wife that it doesn't always matter that I didn't "intend" to be rude or that I genuinely WASN'T. What mattered to them was what THEY heard, not what I meant. Part of me feels this is so unfair! Why should I have to be "in trouble" for something I didn't do or even intend to do?? But, as you are already practicing, it is called dying to self; dying to my right to be fairly judged. Putting the pain of others above our pain of being misjudged. May God bless you for your precious effort and give you His eyes to see this person and His heart to love them beyond the cactus needles! :-) Love you

  2. Thank you, sweet Lady. Pray for me, cuz that apology is coming up here in a few minutes. I want to be genuine. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Love you, too:O)

  3. UPDATE: I have apologized and all seems well. Time will tell. I am thankful for a wake-up call to pay attention to my demeanor and attitude as well.

  4. I have known you for quite some time. In that time I have seen you as a true face of Christ. That does not mean you aren't human flesh and have a breaking point. You have calmed yourself before speaking on many occassions, so if someone thought you to be rude once or maybe twice that is only human. If someone accuses you on multiple accounts then they are angry with the world and nothing you or anyone else does will appease them. Continue your prayers for them and remember that Christ flows through you and this satan cannot bear. Love you and stay strong. Renee'

  5. Thanks, Renee'. I'm just going to look at it as a heads up. Love ya.

  6. Jody, I know that you were never rude. You are always Christ-like in your speech. It is not in your nature to be rude. When I taught Kindergarten, my student's parents often accused me of rudeness, fabrication, and other assorted mean titles. I decided that it was my choice of words along with the situation that angered them. I made up a gentle list of "substitute words" that I discretely pulled out when talking to the angry parents. You see examples of this all the time on report cards. He "does not share with others" rather than "he punches the other child and steals the toy." I could get the message across without being too critical. So when presented with a shredded book, instead of "Did the dog eat the book?" I would say "My goodness, he enjoyed this book a little too much, didn't he?" These are things I know you already do, but having the "list" of words and phrases was a life-saver. Congratulations on signing with an agency! You will be a great success! Terry

    1. Thanks, Terry. Good advice. We have a poster in our lounge called "Never Say These Things to a Customer". It's valuable advice. From now on I'm just going to say "Certainly" when someone asks me to make copies for them, instead of "Certainly, let me show you how to use it." Thanks for your kind comments. We need a visit, girl.