Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dance in the Moonlight

 ...or the dawn light. Just get moving. I try to go the gym during the week and/or take a walk in the sunshine. I work at a desk most the day, so I try to remember to get up and move around. Movement and fresh air lighten my mood. My body needs the exercise. 

I'd like to take Hula dancing lessons. There's a cute little group of girls in our town called the Little Sunbursts. I love their beautiful and modest costumes, and the history they are learning and teaching with their dance. Their teacher mentioned that she might start a group for adults. That's movement that might be fun, and not just mindless calisthenics. I'm not a fan of exercise. (I do have a third place track ribbon from 3rd grade. OK, I was last, but I have a ribbon!) I know it's important to my overall health and longevity, so I try to make movement a priority.                                                                       

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Eat From the Earth

Here's the updated version of the blog this morning. New job responsibilities made me forget that I'd scheduled the post, and hadn't written this section of the goal poem.

Eat from the earth simply means eating healthy. It can be a tremendous struggle, but so worth it. Healthy food choices make a difference in how I feel, think, and get along in my day.

My daughter, Rachel, is getting to be an expert on gluten free eating since several of her children need the special diet. She's taught me alot.

I've been reading Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar, Your Brain's Silent Killers. Some compelling information there.

Grain Brain

Speaking of brains, we all know it's a no brainer that we should major on fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean meat. We know this, but we (I) are lame brains sometimes.

So that's the next phrase in my nerdy goal poem. Have you changed your eating habits this year? How?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Drink Only Diamonds

I mentioned a few weeks ago about my nerdy little goal poem. I promised to let you know what it means to me and how it keeps me on track.  

I've always been surprised that the awesome album, Roar of Love by Second Chapter of Acts, didn't make a comeback with the new Narnia movies.  Here's one of the songs that inspired me.

 "you can drink diamonds, I've been told"

Water - liquid diamonds. At least I think of it that way. I lost 23 pounds last year almost solely from drinking only water. ( I do have my cup of coffee in the morning. I am a writer, after all.) The benefits of drinking more water are shouted far and wide, but if you need a reminder, here's a Lifehack link: 
10 Reasons to Drink More Water

Almost all of these little phrases have double meanings. Jesus offered the woman at the well (John 1:1-40) "living water" so that she would never thirst again. Jesus used the words living water to refer to eternal life, the gift that would satisfy her soul's desire only available through him.

So, "drink only diamonds" is a reminder to me to put my health first by drinking more water. Also, and more importantly, to remember that my only true source of life is from the "living water" that only Christ can give me.

How much water are you drinking every day?