Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Three MOOs

My Opinion Only: In about 2008 I signed up for Facebook to keep track of my kids. It didn't take long for it to become more of a social place for me, a happy place. I realize that some people use it for marketing, including myself, and a place to rant, draw attention to issues, and keep people abreast of life's happenings. Some people use Facebook as a vehicle to encourage and bless others.

My MOO #1is this: I just really hate to see Facebook posts that tear people down. It is such a cowardly thing to do. Why bring the whole world into your problem with a single person? Why humiliate someone publicly when you won't say it to their face? I don't care if the status is true. I tend to hide people who do this. I don't want to see it, don't want to know about it, and tend to have sympathy for the one being railed against.

MOO 2: Cryptic posts really get on my nerves. "I'm done." Really? You have 500+ Facebook friends and you think everyone knows what you're talking about? Are you just trying to get attention? Nope. Not gonna private message you and ask you what you mean. Yep. I'm done too. Too many posts like that and I'm gonna hide you.

MOO 3: I get irritated when people rail against Facebook. Sure, the changes can be annoying. I've even been 'blocked' from adding friends for 24 hours because  apparently I added a family member but Facebook said I was adding people I didn't know. So what. I haven't paid ONE RED CENT for the use of Facebook, so I'm not about to complain when minor irritations hang up my usage of it. If we ever have to pay for it, then rail away.

Just MOO. What do you think about hateful, cryptic Facebook posts?


  1. I agree! People don't realize how their postings affect others and you're right - it's cowardly to attack behind cover of Facebook. It's a wonderful venue to keep up with people, but of course it (as most good things) gets corrupted and abused. I keep telling myself "God loves us all....." but sometimes wonder how he can bear some people!

    1. Right, Susan. Young people don't realize that their Facebook is now being considered by employers looking at job applications. Hey! Thanks for stopping by:)