Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dance in the Moonlight

 ...or the dawn light. Just get moving. I try to go the gym during the week and/or take a walk in the sunshine. I work at a desk most the day, so I try to remember to get up and move around. Movement and fresh air lighten my mood. My body needs the exercise. 

I'd like to take Hula dancing lessons. There's a cute little group of girls in our town called the Little Sunbursts. I love their beautiful and modest costumes, and the history they are learning and teaching with their dance. Their teacher mentioned that she might start a group for adults. That's movement that might be fun, and not just mindless calisthenics. I'm not a fan of exercise. (I do have a third place track ribbon from 3rd grade. OK, I was last, but I have a ribbon!) I know it's important to my overall health and longevity, so I try to make movement a priority.                                                                       


  1. I sat in the sunshine today for the first time since October and soaked it all in - felt that Vitamin D kicking in - nothing makes me feel more alive. Since our house is small my treadmill is in the living room and I'm reminded daily that I should be on it at least once a day. For some reason that's an exercise I enjoy. Got on it day before yesterday and actually jogged (don't think that was too good for the house foundation, but felt good to do!). Motivation is a big problem, but the weather turning to Spring helps me get up and going, plus it doesn't get dark at 5:30 pm any more. Hula sounds like SO much fun for exercise and general swaying to music!

  2. Hey, Susan. You made me life thinking about shaking the house foundation. Now that Randy and I are empty nesters, I'm thinking about getting a treadmill for the empty room.

  3. As long as I have a tv or ipod around, I'm good to go for awhile. If not, boooooorrrrriing.