Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nerdy Inspiration

Here's a little poem I wrote for myself several years ago. It keeps me on track with my goals (not in the order of importance). I was inspired by the Narnia, Prince Caspian movie. I'll be sharing in weeks to come what each of these phrases mean, and why they help keep me on track. I know, I'm weird:)

Drink only diamonds
Eat from the earth
Dance in the moonlight
Sing every verse

Spin pretty yarns
With pen and with hook
Soften the faces
Upon whom you look

The Word of the Lion
Hide in your heart
In all your connections
Do more than your part.

©Jody Bailey Day

What do YOU think some of these phrases mean?


  1. The first stanza sounds to me like ......enjoy the wonderful things in life and soak it up!