Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You're So Beautiful to Me

 I thought you all might like this sweet poem written by a friend of mine, Windy Lanzle


With dirty clothes scattered round my feet,
And toothpaste globs dripping down the sink,
I hear the words, "You're so beautiful to me."

With dark circles round my eyes,
And extra padding round my thighs,
I hear the words, "You're so beautiful to me."

When supper is boring or not there at all,
When shoes crowd the doorway, or laundry fills the hall,
I hear the words, "You're so beautiful to me."

When my eyes grow dim and my face becomes lined,
When hearing becomes an effort and my teeth aren't mine,
Whether you're still here with me, or have been gone for some time,
I know I'll still be hearing,
"You're so beautiful to me."

Here's Windy with an outfit her husband bought for her birthday. He said that if God can put those colors together, why can't he??  He sounds like a keeper. But I know this little lady...she is a jewel, so I think her hubby is just as blessed, don't ya think?


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