Sunday, October 21, 2012

Look who's vising today! 
Welcome Sharon Srock
Author of 
The Women of Valley View: Callie. 

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 "Three dire circumstances. Three desperate prayers. One miracle to save them all." 

Sharon, thanks so much for coming by. I'm so excited about your new book! How much of yourself do you write into your characters?
I don’t, intentionally, write any of me into my characters. That doesn’t mean you won’t find a little piece of me in all of the women. Callie teaches Sunday school and loves her guacamole, Terri is looking for God’s will in her life and arguing the whole way, Pam is learning lessons in forgiveness. Yep, there I am.
When did you first discover that you were a writer?
Believe it or not, I went to bed one night, a normal person, and woke up the next morning determined to write a book. I know, now, where that came from. It was more than a little weird at the time.
Tell us the range of the kinds of books you enjoy reading.
I love a good courtroom drama. Fantasy when it’s well done. By well done, I mean it has to completely draw me into a different world. Mysteries, and Romantic suspense are devoured at my house like chocolate covered cherries.
How do you keep your sanity in this crazy fast paced world of ours?
I guess I’m a product of our environment. I like being busy. Even on a vacation I have to consciously tell myself to slow down and enjoy the moment. Sanity…I’m a writer, that option took a hike a few years back.
What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?
I’m going to assume you don’t mean raising terrific daughters.  Really? This book. Not just for the validation or a sense of “I can really do this”. But because I feel like it represents me, finally finding God’s place for me.
What is your favorite food?
I have two rules when I cook. If it’s sweet add chocolate. If it isn’t sweet add cheese.
Why do you write the kind of books you do?
It has to be a God thing. I wake up with these stories in my head, things I would never see or think of on my own. He gets all the credit.
In what ways has being published changed your life?
Besides making me busier that I used to be? The jury is still out on that one. Ask me again in a year or so.
What is your current work in progress?
I’m working with my editor to get Terri’s story complete. Pam’s story is close to being at the word count I want. Then I’ll start the serious editing process for her. Samantha is knocking…
If you could invite a fictional character to dinner who would it be and why?
Oh, can I pick two? Merlin and Spock. Merlin because I’m captivated by the whole knights in armor, Arthur, slaying the dragon thing. Spock because…well…because the idea of extraterrestrial life interests me. If we ever find life out there, I’d hope they would be wise and beneficial sort like Vulcans. Not the “I’ve come to destroy your world” type we see portrayed 99% of the time.
Of all the current technological marvels, which is your favorite and why?
My GPS. I don’t navigate. Now I don’t have to.
If you could have a do over on one day in your life what would you pick?
Fourth of July, 1996. It was the last day we spent with our little grandson before he was murdered. I wish I’d spent more time with him that day.
Where was the location of the best vacation you ever had?
Now you’ve opened the flood gates. For the last 7 years I’ve taken one of my grandchildren on a special vacation. We’ve been on cruises, been to Hawaii, visited The Grand Canyon and Vegas, Spent a week in Cozumel, Done the whole Disney thing in Orlando…God has placed a special blessing on these trips. They’ve all gone off without a hitch and there is no way to just pick one.
If you could travel back in time when and where would you go?
King Arthur’s court. I wouldn’t want to stay forever, I’d miss my hot rollers, but I think there was an elegance to life then that we don’t have any more.
What is your favorite season of the year? What’s special about it for you??
I only have three seasons to my year. Summer, Spring, and SWEATER. I have a serious sweater addiction, so Sweater is my favorite.
What do you hope readers will take away from this book?
That sometimes we spend too much time beating ourselves up for something God has already forgiven and forgotten. That we do a disservice to ourselves and others when we indulge in those feelings.
What is something that very few people know about you?
I’m a serious Trekker. I have my own uniform.
What is the hardest part in writing a story?
Editing and Editing and Editing….
What is the funniest, strangest, or most interesting thing you have learned when doing research?
That I don’t like research. Does that count? Seriously I write contemporary fiction so I don’t have to do a lot of research. I’d never goggled anything til about a year ago.
What is your favorite material item that you own (examples: ipod, Gone with the Wind book, grandmother’s rocking chair)
My Kindle. It’s just the most amazing machine.
Do your characters ever give you surprises when you are writing? Can you give us an example if they do and if they don’t do you know why?
My characters constantly surprise me. Their individual determination to be front and center in my brain is relentless. I’m a SOTP writer. I don’t work with an outline, so I can’t give you an example of where I planned to go one way and they insisted on taking their own way, but I continue to be amazed.
Do you have a favorite scene in this book and what would it be?
I think where Pam, Karla, and Terri come to Callie’s house with groceries and stuff for the girls. That is exactly like it would happen, has happened, in my life. Our church family is so generous. I have been on the giving and the receiving end of help.
What three things about you would surprise readers?
My favorite pet of all time was an iguana.
I hate reality TV
I love to mow the grass
If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who
would it be and why?

Nora Roberts. I would pick her brain completely dry.
What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it?
A lack of time. I don’t think there is a way to overcome it until I retire. I just have to deal with not enough hours in the day.
Which character in your book are you most like? What have you learned about yourself in writing this story?
For this book. Callie, of course. I didn’t really need to learn the life lesson that Callie had to learn, but writing the story taught me so much about persistence, trust , and patience.
If you could go to any place in the world to research/write a book, what setting would you choose?
Australia. It’s on my bucket list. I’ll make it someday, God willing.
What was your favorite book as a child and now as an adult? Is there a connection between the two?
That is an impossible question to answer. You’ve heard about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Well, my mom must have had a terrible time giving birth to me with a book clutched in each hand. I can’t remember a time when reading wasn’t a priority. Picking a favorite out of 50 years worth of books…impossible.
As a writer how have you had to grow and stretch out of your comfort zone?
You are looking at it. Learning the craft, editing, and revising were easy compared to putting myself in the path of perfect strangers and begging for their attention. I’m a pretty solitary person. If I had my way, I’d write the book and pay a look alike to go out and face the public.

What a fun interview! Thanks, Sharon, and best wishes for your success!

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Thanks for coming by.


  1. My favorite part of the interview - add chocolate, add cheese. Wonder where my mind is...
    kimberlya (dot)vogel (at)

    1. Hi Kim, from the looks of the timestamp on your comment, maybe a midnight snack?

    2. Did somebody say chocolate? Life essential. Thanks for coming by, Kim!

  2. Nice cosplay! I think it would be cool to meet Spock too.

    1. I find him very "fascinating".

    2. Live long and prosper, Sarah, and thanks for coming by:)

  3. I enjoyed this interview. I was saddened to hear that you had a grandson that was murdered. That just tore at my heart.

    I can't wait to read your book "Callie" and all the others that follow. My past comes back to haunt me every now and again. I have to remind myself that God has already forgiven and forgotten those sins. I just need to forgive myself and move on.

    Thank you for this interview and generous giveaway!


    1. Thanks for coming by Judy!

    2. Judy, You and Callie would be good friends. She too is learning not to park by the hurts of the past.

  4. I love books that have meaning and you can learn something from! I love reading Christian books. I enjoyed reading your interview and am so sorry to hear about the loss of you grandson. I hope that God continues to heal your hearts! I would love to win this book! Thank you so much for the chance!
    makeighleekyleigh at

    1. Megan, thanks for coming by. Have a great day.

    2. Megan, God is the only refuge from some issues. Thanks for your kind words. Good luck in the drawing.

  5. Oh my gosh! I love your dinner guest ideas. What a cool night that would be. So excited for your new release! :)

    1. Can you imagine the dinner conversation between the past and the future? Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Raquel, hope your Monday is going great. Thanks for stopping by:)

  7. I love reading these interviews! The giveaway sounds amazing as does her books. luvsherfam @ gmail dot com

    1. Susan. So glad you enjoyed it. Good luck in the drawing.

    2. Susan, thanks for coming by:)

  8. Ooooo, Sharon--Australia, huh?? Almost as exotic as my setting! So excited for you and for your publishing journey.

    Aloha! --Cheryl

  9. It's a very exciting time as you are finding out for yourself. Thanks for coming by.

  10. I am SO envious of your Star Trek uniform! One day, I want one of my own, but I have to convince my husband to get one, too... just to make my fantasy complete. ;)

  11. Patty, it sort of fun sometimes.

  12. Win or lose on the giveaway, I'm reading this book!

    1. Officially goes on sale tomorrow. Amazon, Barnes and Noble...go get it!!

  13. Callie told me to come! So glad I found this it. I am sure I would love this book. And love Sharon's comment about not "parking by our hurts"!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Jackie Smith

  14. Jackie, Thanks for being so encouraging.

  15. Good evening. i'm here because Callie told me to come! And i'm glad i did. i'm sending hugs. Church family is so precious, aren't they? They did our harvest this year, over 2000 acres of it since we were wrapped up in Mom's health. We are so blessed. Thanks for being a part of this giveaway


    1. Marianne, They are my forever family!

  16. Jody and Sharon--enjoyed the interview. Sharon, I especially liked your answer to what accomplishment you are most proud of. It is such a joyful peace, when we find ourselves on the path God has planned for us.

    Callie told me to come.

  17. Kay, It's been an interesting journey. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. First of all, thank you for this interview Jody. You did good. Sharon, I enjoy learning more about you. So sorry about your grandson.On books I, too, like the genres you do, except for fantasy. I understand about the chocolate. I am a chocoholic, I know. And, I don't have a GPS, but, I could definitely use one just right here in my own area. I have a hard time finding addresses, and don't even drive out-of town because the busy traffic stresses me. "Callie Told Me To Come", and I am so glad I did, Maxie ( )

  19. Maxie, I love technology until it proves smarter than me. That happens a lot!! Thanks for playing!

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